Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Day: February 15, 2021

Summary List PlacementBusinesses are increasingly grappling with the hardest cyber threats to defend against: the ones that come from inside their own company. Insider threats are on the rise — with a growing number of data breaches linked to internal actors — according to a Forrester report that estimates that one third of breaches in…... Read More
Summary List CEO Mike Volpe thinks business travel on the whole is just horrible – but he saw that as a big business opportunity. Lola focuses on making it easier for medium-sized companies to manage corporate travel arrangements. Companies use the service to authorize employees to make travel-related purchases and set their own policies…... Read More
Summary List PlacementTwo members of the US House of Representatives introduced a new bipartisan bill on Friday that could provide gyms with $30 billion in relief during the coronavirus pandemic. While COVID-19 has led to a surge in demand for at-home workout products like Peloton bikes, many gyms and fitness facilities have had to file…... Read More
Summary List PlacementCNN political commentator Van Jones on Friday made an appearance on ABC's "The View" to promote "The Reunited States," a new documentary that he co-produced with conservative co-host Meghan McCain. However, it was co-host Sunny Hostin who made waves, calling out Jones for expressing relief at former President Donald Trump's election loss while…... Read More