Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

The Dorps

The Dorp Rescue

Every now and again one comes across a children’s story that not only begs to be read but to be read out loud to an audience whether it be one’s kids or grandkids and The Dorp Rescue is just one such story.

It is a terrific fast-paced story of courage and comradeship, in a community of charming little creatures from an imaginary land, that focuses on the importance of family and friendship.

The two main characters find themselves alone with their village destroyed and have to set off on a quest through a snowy landscape, where they encounter many hazards and obstacles, in order to rescue the rest of their village’s occupants.

The pair must be courageous, determined and work together to find solutions to the problems and pitfalls they face as they continue on their adventure.

This is a brilliant book full of feelings of loss, anger, fear, and triumph the daring duo experience while rescuing their friends and family from the fearsome Stompers with nothing more than snowballs.

It is an unusual but endearing tale, being folklore, myth, fantasy, and fairytale all rolled into one and will be enjoyed by all in the age range 4 – 10.

The author, KC Hayes, and illustrator, Mike Bryson, have between them produced a little classic.

I can’t wait to read more about the Dorp clan and a little bird has told me there is to be a series of 6 – so watch this space!

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